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Friday, May 27, 2011

The Crossroads Community Cafe

Yesterday I made the long 5 hour drive 
from Portland, Oregon to Coos Bay, Oregon 
to see my specialist. 
As I drew near Coos Bay,
I began looking for someplace to eat. 
I wanted a healthy meal, not fast food. 
And I'm on a tight budget, 
so I needed something affordable.

I saw a sign as I pulled into a tiny town called North Bend. 
It said "Crossroads Community Cafe."  
There was a parking spot right in front, 
and I nabbed it.

As I walked up to the building, 
I saw a sign on the window saying
Soup and Salad

I walked in to a warmly decorated spacious room.
A friendly waiter asked where I would like to sit. 
I chose a corner table facing the street. 

The waiter then asked "Have you been here before?"

I said, "No, I'm just passing through from Portland," 
and he began to tell me about the 
Crossroads Community Cafe. 

"We got our idea from Sisters of the Road Cafe in Portland!" 
he excitedly explained. 
Then he went on...

The Crossroads Community Cafe is like no other restaurant. 
Every patron eats for $1.50. Every meal is 100% home made and healthy. 
Every human being is treated with dignity, respect, and kindness.

At the Crossroads Cafe, 
they believe that everyone deserves a home cooked meal everyday.

They run the cafe with volunteers. 
Volunteering at Crossroads is easy. 
Part of what builds the Crossroads Community are the people who help out. 
There is a place for everyone here. 
Volunteers can clean, or cook, wait tables, 
or find their own way to help out. 

The cafe serves only two home cooked entrees 
on Monday through Friday from 10 am to 3 pm.

I chose the soup and salad.  
The salad was fresh, crisp, and quite large. 
It was served with triangles of pita bread.
The navy bean soup tasted like my grandma's 
and was served in an approximately 1/2 cup serving. 
The meal came with whatever drink you chose
- I had coffee - 
and was topped off with a piece of 
home made freshly baked cherry coffee cake.

All for $1.50 !!

Of course, people who can afford it 
often leave extra cash.
This is the money that supports their efforts.
I left $5 for my meal.
There is no place in town I could have eaten that well 
for so little cash.

At the register, I spent a little time speaking 
with one of the ladies who started the Community Cafe. 
She explained there were many elderly 
and homeless people in the area.
They wanted to serve the community.  
And what they could do was COOK!

While I was eating, several local folks came in 
with donations: fresh vegetables from the garden 
and loaves of bread.

Anyway.. I was impressed with this little out of the way place.
More communities should do this.

If you're ever driving the coastal route through Oregon, 
and pass through North Bend, 
stop in and  have a meal at the 
Community Crossroads Cafe.

Everyone is welcome!

If you have food or money to share, drop it by
or send them a donation.
The address:
Crossroads Community Cafe
1972 Sherman
North Bend, Oregon
Telephone: 541.751.0141


  1. Thank you for posting this. I am a volunteer at the cafe and we appreciate you stopping in!

  2. You are very welcome! I loved the place, the food, the people. I hope you are very successful!


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