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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Pelgrimspad in ENGLISH - Coming Soon!

Today I finished reading the English version of Pelgrimspad: Through the Eyes of Hans Brinker.

This guide is being written by Jan Gerritsen, who has graciously asked me to do the editing.

The Pelgrimspad begins in Amsterdam, Netherlands and continues to 's-Hertogenbosch, a distance of about 210 kilometers.

The Pelgrimspad 2 continues to Vise' in Belgium and from there a pilgrim can take various routes on their way to Santiago.

Although there are plenty of little places to rent a bed, there are also lots of camping spots along the way for the frugal pilgrim or the one who just enjoys sleeping under the stars.

Until now, all the guides have been in Dutch or German. This will be the first ENGLISH version and this route is sure to become a favorite, based on what I've read so far!

It was so exciting to read these notes!
My feet are itching to walk!

I plan on starting in May, if all things go my way.

So stay tuned, Pilgrims!

An English Guide to the Pelgrimspad is on the burner!

Buen Camino!

* * *
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or the Pelgrimspad, 
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  1. Annie...great!! Can't wait to plot and plan something else!!

  2. Hi Annie, I've been reading your site and would love to walk with you sometime. I am walking the Camino (for the first time) starting around the middle of May. I arrive in Barcelona 4/28 and plan to stay a week before setting out. (James Taylor will be in concert in Barcelona and there's a lot I'd like to see there.) Other than that, I have no set itinerary. I have a friend who lives in Amersterdam who'd I'd love to visit. When are you planning on walking the Pelgrimspad? I'd love to go with you and walk the Camino again going through Paris, etc.

  3. Hi Rhonda! I'm leading a tour on the Camino beginning May 29 in SJPP. It ends June 20 and the next day I fly to Amsterdam to begin Deel 1 of the Pelgrimspad. You can read about the 3 week walk at the link above. You will probably walk 3 weeks past the time we finish, as ours only covers a portion of the Camino this year.


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