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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fixing My Laptop Keyboard

Last week, the keyboard on my Dell laptop stopped working.
It just acted fried!
I took the laptop into Best Buy, where I had purchased it,
and where it was 

I was thinking they'd just fix it,
no problem.

Surprise, Surprise!
 The Geek Guy looked at it and said,
"Well, it LOOKS like there's water damage to the keyboard, 
and if that's the case, we can send it in, 
if there IS water damage, 
they will just send it back to us unfixed.
In addition, we will charge YOU 
$30.00 for postage!
To my knowledge, there has been NO water spilled on this keyboard.
I'm the only person using the laptop.
But the guy sounded so convinced that there WAS water damage, 
I decided to consult with my computer geek youngest son.
He took a look at the keyboard. 
There were some marks on the keys, 
probably from my sweaty little fingers, 
not from something being spilled.

We looked up the replacement keyboard online.
$16.99  plus postage for a total of $21.

Hmmmmm.... thought I.

"Is it difficult to replace?" I asked him.
So we ordered the replacement keyboard.
It arrived yesterday.
Today I took the laptop to his house.
He looked online and found detailed instructions for replacing the keyboard.

I watched as he took out the battery,
Removed the screw securing the center control cover from the battery bay
Popped off the plastic lining surrounding the keyboard.

Pulled the keyboard away from the base and carefully unplugged the two very tiny ribbon cables.

Next he put the NEW keyboard in, in reverse order, first plugging the tiny cables in, then setting the keyboard in place, snapping in the plastic lining, replacing the screws, then replacing the battery.

The entire process took him about 15 minutes.

The function keys still would not work, so a little research told us we needed to download the keyboard driver. We found it online and

Everything works great!

And it cost a total of $21 instead of $30.

EZ as PIE!
I can do this if I need to again.
So can you!

Later, I'll commence the posting on making my Mercury into an RV.
But for now, I"m happy to finally be back online.
I missed you!



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  1. Arming yourself with knowledge on how to troubleshoot and work on computer hardware is totally great as this technology is here to stay. But it’s also great that you have a tech-savvy son! I bet he can help you save money on expenses every time your computer experiences some difficulty. :)


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