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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall is in the Air!

I'm in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley visiting my mother and Fall is in the air!
I woke up this morning and it was actually chilly!
I looked at the calendar and realized that 
Fall Equinox came and went
and I didn't even notice.
The years are flying by.
Does this happen to everyone as we age?

I love the Fall here!
Having morning coffee out on the porch with mom has been a real joy!
You can see for miles, there is no traffic, and the smells are so familiar.
Cows in the morning, cut hay in the afternoon, fruit ripening in the orchards.
It's amazing how scents take you back to happy childhood days.

We really ARE rooted in the soil where we were born, aren't we?
I feel so "at home" here in Hanford, with its 105 degree summers and foggy winters.
I may change my mind once I've had a dose of the winter fog,
but for now,
I'm loving being home.

Fall is my busiest time of year.
I have to work many hours getting ready for the Christmas season.
This is when I make most of my yearly income.
Hits on my Etsy shop are picking up.
People are beginning to browse, 
getting ready to do their Christmas shopping.

And I've had my nose to the felting pad trying to fill my shop with Nativity Sets.
I've changed the style this year.
These little sets are getting lots of "hearts" in my shop.
Hopefully, people will return and make purchases.
These sets make lovely heirlooms.

So far this week, I've completed three sets. 

I also completed a Felted Porcelain Tea Set.
Isn't it cute?!
I think I'll take a break from Nativity Sets tomorrow 
and work on a cake. 
What shall I make...maybe lemon?  
Hmmmm.... I'll decide once I start.

I did a great trade for some Christmas gifts! 
I won't say what I got because they'll be going to family, 
but I'm happy with the trade. 
Trading skills is a wonderfully frugal way to save cash
and get unique gifts to give for the holidays!
Do you have a skill or talent?
Use it to barter for what you need!

Other news:  
I picked up another person for my 2012 June Camino Tour. 
Now we only need 3 more people and the tour will be full! 
I think I'll make some flyers this week 
and distribute them around town.

Much of the week was spent pruning trees and tying back roses. 
I also made a spray from dish soap and hot sauce 
and sprayed the roses for aphids. 
Killed those little buggers dead and they haven't bothered us since. 
Mom had to fire her lawn guy. 
So we also spent several days interviewing to hire a new person. 
I would do it for her but I'll be gone to Europe 
much of spring and summer, so I can't promise.

I dehydrated five pounds of broccoli and 5 pounds bell peppers this week. 
They were on sale for 49 CENTS per pounds.
I haven't seen that price in years!  
This is what 5 pounds of dehydrated vegetables looks like. 
Filled less than half of a quart sized ziplock bag!  
Later today, I'll pack these up with the sealer 
to take the air out and keep them fresh.

We tried using the hanging air dehydrator for some apples,
but it's too late in the year and the mornings are too damp. 
We ended up finishing them off in the electric dehydrator.
My broken ribs are healing, thanks to my new rib band. It's ugly as heck and not really comfortable, but it holds my ribs in securely so I don't sneeze and break them a third time! 
I've been sleeping in the recliner. I'm about ready to get rid of my bed and buy a recliner for my bedroom. I sure do sleep good in that thing! It totally supports my back and neck and I wake up with happy joints!

That's really it for now.
I'm just too busy to blog right now.
Once I get the shop caught up, I'll do more Camino posts.

I hope you're enjoying the changing seasons!
Soon it will be time to dehydrate and can pumpkin.
The days will continue to get shorter,
and in a few short weeks it will be time
to stoke the fire and curl up with a good book,
spending more time indoors,
and less time preparing for the dark cold winter.

Halloween is just around the corner!
Ghosts and Goblins and Bats,
Oh MY!

Stay safe, and until next time, remember...

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