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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Pass the (Waldorf Felted) Potatoes, Please?

Felt play food is at a premium this year.
Children love to pretend they're cooking.
Both boys and girls will love a gift of felt food for their play kitchen.
The added bonus is that it is hand crafted and can often be found "made locally." 

Here are some of the felt foods I've made this year. 
Most of the photos are mine. 
Some are the work of other admired felt artists.
All are wonderful examples of quality felt play food!

Apple by WikiWikiCreations
Fruit by Fairyfox

My food is made from a high wool blend or 100% wool.
100% wool is about 3 times the cost of the blend,
which is why the prices are higher.
Food can be made from eco-felt for people who prefer
not to purchase animal by-products.
Eco felt can often be washed in the machine.
Sandwich by "Softie Cafe"

Hot dogs by MudPieKids
I can offer you a salmon dinner!

How do you like your steak cooked?

We even serve lobster!

Or vegetarian fare...
Finish off your meal with a wonderful dessert.
How about some sugar cookies?

Or a slice of yummy raspberry or pink lace cake?
 This one came out of my felt oven today:

Whatever food you or your young person is craving, I can make it!
If I don't have the pattern,
one of the wonderfully talented Etsy artists
most certainly will!
Remember, colors may vary according the type of fabric you request.

Please check out the work of the many other Etsy fiber artists you'll find online.

It can be overwhelming.
But here are the things to look for.
Compare the work in its entirety.
Is it aesthetically pleasing?

Compare the stitching.
Is it tight?
Is it evenly spaced?
Is the piece safe?

Compare the fabrics.
Do you prefer 100% wool?
Will you need to wash the items?
If so, you may want a blend.
If you don't want to use animal products, consider eco-felt.

Compare, compare, compare!
You'll soon see why the variance in the price range.
As the old adage goes, "You get what you pay for."

What can you do with play felt foods?
Why, they make wonderful hostess gifts for the holidays!
They also are great party favors... non-fattening!
Tupperware party favors, birthday party favors,
wedding showers, baby showers,
office give-aways, bachelor parties.
You are only bound by your own imagination!

This afternoon, I'm starting another cake.
I'll take photos and show you the steps.
Then you'll understand why felt artists charge the prices they do.
Making a felt cake can be quite a journey!

Thanks for looking
Stay tuned if you're crafty...
I'll post photos and instructions shortly.

If you would like to browse my Etsy shop,
here is the link:
Annie's Etsy Shop

Until then,

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