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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Night on a Boat in Amsterdam

We left Santiago at 5:30 this morning and just arrived in Amsterdam at 10 pm! We flew out if SCQ at 7:30 am to Madrid and had an 8 hour layover! Talk about a bad connection! I did this because the price was only about 30 euros. We had breakfast at the airport, then I bought a copy of George Martin's Game of Thrones. I spent most of the day reading.

It was a scary flight to Amsterdam! First, the plane was making these 'barking' noises and it sounded like it was falling apart. Then, the Easy Jet pilot took us through some acrobatic moments like you see in the movies, you know the ones, where people are all bouncing a foot up and down in unison, squealing?
I sat with my eyes closed wondering if I had tempted fate once too many times. My father and brother died in a plane crash. I was supposed to be on that plane and I've been a little uncomfortable flying ever since.

After circling for what seemed forever, we landed amid a lightning storm. The train from the airport was cancelled due to weather so we had to run to another spoor to catch a train to Central Amsterdam.

It had been 9 hours since we ate, so the first thing we did after hitting Amsterdam was find food, then hire a taxi to bring us to where I now lie on a futon typing on my iPhone. And that is 'David Boat,' a floating barge hostel on an Amsterdam canal!

There is thunder and lightning and rain, and my Pelgrimspad plans are feeling 'iffy' but I'm safe on a boat, like Noah.

This is the barge we're staying on. It is called David Boat.
My bed.
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What the boat room lacks in privacy it makes up in charm.
The toilet wall is a simple curtain!
 I love this boat!

Yup, it's all good for the night!

Photos tomorrow.
Goodnight world.

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