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Friday, June 15, 2012

Portomarin and Hostal Ultreia

As we walked around the corner, we noticed a bit of a bottleneck up ahead.

Soon, we saw what was holding up the pilgrims.
A herd of cows was being driven to a field 
It was fun watching the dogs work the herd. 
The pilgrims were patient. 
It was a good Camino moment. 

This was something many pilgrims had never seen before!
The herding dogs were very well trained and were training a cute little pup along side them.
He was more interested in chasing butterflies than cows, though.

The landscape changed dramatically at the crest of the hill.

 We ran into Maeve on the trail.
This photo is out of order, sorry.

Pretty fountain.

Some sort of shrine.

Very cool stone and slate roofs here.
See the arrows?

From here is where the archers shot THEIR arrows.

This Hostal in Portomarin is awesome!
 Sorry I didn't take a photo of the room before we unpacked 
but I was so tired from the walk I just forgot.

They have 5 private double rooms here and they are as nice or nicer 
than any 2 or 3 star place I've stayed. 
There is a shared bathroom and shower, a community kitchen, 
Internet, and a MASSAGE MACHINE!!!!!
I also have a terrace so I can open the doors and be outside under cover.
 I think I am in pilgrim heaven!

The mother here cleans constantly and this place is spotless. 
The dorms are very nice.

Highly recommended!

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