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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Spring Clean Your House in 10 Minutes per Day

About 20 years ago, when Relief Society met on a separate day,
one of the sisters at my church gave this class,
and I've thanked her 100 times!

This is a way to Spring clean your house
spending no more than 10 minutes each day.

The work can be shared by the entire family.
In fact, part of each of my son's chores when growing up
was to do one job daily from this list.

What you will need:

A box of 3x5 index cards. They can be white or colored:

A card file box to hold your cards:

A pencil or pen:

Step One:
Make a list of rooms in your house.
Include the garage and the yards as "rooms."

Step Two:
Beginning in one room, walk through 
and write down jobs
that would take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. 

Label the top of each card with the room name.
Write one 10-minute job on each card.

Remember, no job can take more than TEN MINUTES.  
Here are some examples. 
Remember, these are just examples. 
Everyone's house is different:


Wipe down 2 windowsills
Wipe down 2 baseboards
Clean 1 window inside and out - 1 daily until all are done
Clean the top of the range hood
Clean the range vent screen
Clean oven window
Scrub 1 sink REALLY good, cleaning around the faucets and handles too
Clean out the cupboard beneath the sink
Wash the garbage pail with hot soapy water (use the shower or bathtub)
Wipe off the top of the refrigerator
Clean 1 shelf of refrigerator by taking everything off - do 1 daily until all are done
Vacuum the refrigerator vents
Clean and Polish 2 kitchen chairs each day until all are done
Clean and Polish kitchen table
Clean all socket covers
Clean all light switches
Polish faucets
Take everything out of 1 drawer, wipe it out, return items - do 1 daily until all are done
Take everything out of 1 cabinet shelf, wipe it out, return items - do 1 daily until all are done
Clean spice rack
Wash cupboards outside - do 2 or 3 each day
Wash cupboard shelves inside - do 1 or 2 each day
Unplug and clean the toaster
Clean light fixture. Turn it off, wipe down fixture and bulb.
etc. etc.


Scrub inside of toilet
Clean toilet base
Clean toilet seat
Wash shower curtain (can usually be put in washing machine safely then hung to dry)
Polish mirrors
Clean light fixture
Clean light switch and socket covers
Clean baseboards
Wipe walls
Wipe top of doors
Clean cupboards - 1 shelf each day until done
Clean drawers - 1 each day until done
Scrub bathtub tile, grout, or surround
Clean medicine chest - 1 shelf each day (take everything off, wipe down, & replace items)
Organize towels and washcloths
etc., etc.


Clean ceiling fan blades
Wipe down windowsills
Wash windows inside (do 1 or 2 each day)
Wash windows outside (do 1 or 2 each day)
Vacuum couch (take cushions off and vacuum, then replace)
Vacuum chair(s) as above
Vacuum baseboards and corners
Clean light fixture(s) or lamp(s)
Clean light switches and socket covers
Clean television set
Wash baseboards
Dust very high shelves or places (list what they are)
Clean the telephone
etc., etc.

Do the same thing here, making 1 card for each 10 minute job

Wipe windowsills
Clean blinds
Wash 1 window inside
Wash 1 window outside
Wash baseboards
Wipe down headboard
Clean out 1 drawer (do 1 each day until all are clean)
Organize your hanging clothes
Organize your shoes - toss out or donate those things you do not wear
Clean the toy box out - toss or donate old toys

Do the same thing, including things like:
Wipe out dryer 
Wipe out washer
Clean lint filters REALLY good
Be sure dryer vent hose is clear
Light Switches
Socket Covers
Wipe down top of washer
Wipe down top of dryer
etc. etc.

These are just a few examples.
Go through your own house with your stack of cards
and make your own.

* * * * * * * *
Once you have ALL of the cards made, 
put the stack into your card file

NOTE:  On each card, specify exactly how you want the job done.
This is especially important when you have younger children or teens
who need direction.

For example:


                       Clean Silverware Drawer. 
                       Take out EVERYTHING.     
                       Wipe out with damp cloth.
                       Be sure it's clean.
                       Dry it out.
                       Replace all the silverware

                      Great job!


Each day, every person in the house will take ONE or TWO CARDs.
(parents can decide)
Adults and older teens, this will be the front card for you.
Children can do age-appropriate jobs
(adults can help them choose a card if necessary)

Each person does that job,
then puts the card in the BACK of the pile.

In a very short time, 
shorter than you imagine,
your entire house will have been cleaned
top to bottom.

All those "Spring Cleaning Jobs" that take all day
will be painlessly done.

I used this with my three sons when they were growing up 
and it was amazing how well it worked!

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