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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

There's No Place Like Home!

Berries on the way to Roncesvalles
I returned to Portland this week after a nice visit with my mother in California.
I have to say, I already miss that California sunshine.
Even in the dead of winter, when it's icy cold, the blue sky and sunshine 
make a huge difference.
My bones are already growing cold here in dreary, grey Oregon.
I'll be glad to walk the Camino this Spring.

For those who might want a little help getting started on their Camino
or who may want to join our small walking group
for the Spring Walk,
here is my website:

We offer several options for people who want to walk the Camino
but aren't quite sure where to begin,
including our KickStart program,
where you walk with us for 7 days, 
then set out on your own once you "learn the ropes."

I hope you're all having a nice restful Winter.
For me, it's time to lose the belly fat
and begin training for the Spring Walk.
I started Callanetics 2 weeks ago 
to slowly stretch my 60 year old muscles,
and today I begin walking and weight training.

For me, walking the Camino is the only "medicine" 
that helps my MCS, 
so I look forward to everything except the flight,
which generally leaves me ill for several days after.
Mmmmmm.... First Class!  My dream!

I have a wish in my bucket list.
That is to fly, just once, 
First or Business Class to Spain.

Maybe I can trade someone mileage
in exchange for help planning their Camino.

Hmmmm... that's a thought I'll have to explore...

Until then,
Buen Camino!

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  1. Annie, that's a gorgeous pic of the berries. I've been assuming the weather will be pretty hot and sunny in Spain in May/June but after seeing that pic I'm not so sure. What sort of weather do you expect this time around?


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