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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Changing Routes May 18, 2013 to the Camino Frances

Well, I made a decision. I bus up to Vitoria tomorrow then to Pamplona Monday morning. I will spend one night at Pension Sarasate, then start walking next day.

This section of the Via de la Plata has been an adventure, but once more, it has kicked my butt. I hope to do Caceres to Salamanca next year and eventually complete the route.

Reasons for changing routes:

1. There is construction going on both a Renfre line and a new freeway, causing several inconvenient and longer detours. I don't have the stamina to walk 30 plus kilometers so this is a problem for me. For a stronger walker it might not be an issue

2. The workers on those projects are being housed in the albergues, causing some some walker to arrive, exhausted, to find no bed. I'm not willing to take that chance.

3. The weather sucks. I am aware the weather sucks all over Spain right now but at least on the Frances I will be in familiar territory. There is a difference I walking through a storm knowing there is shelter ahead and walking NOT knowing

4. I am having some problems with the strong smelling laundry detergent used in these private albergues. My cheeks and eyes are burning right now and I'm feeling the need to get out because the lady downstairs is doing laundry. On the Frances, the sheets are not washed every day and I have less chance if a reaction.

Overall, this has been a great experience and I'm happy I did it. I'm also happy to be heading up North.

I will probably not blog every day on the Frances. I imagine plugs will be at a premium. But if I see or hear something interesting I will be sure to report back

Looking forward to Pamplona


  1. All sound like good reasons to alter your route. Better to be sure of how far you'll walk and that you'll have a bed at the end. I'll still look for your posts. I have enjoyed reading of your adventures. Buen Camino.

  2. Annie, I've just read your posts on the forum and what an adventure you are having! I like the way one can keep in touch with other pilgrims that are ahead or behind.

  3. Flexibility and common sense are obviously secrets you know about Annie so good on you. Good luck with your ongoing journeys and God bless.

  4. Good luck with the change of plans, hope it pans out for you.


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