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Sunday, May 12, 2013

VDLP 2013: Merida - Hostal Abadias

I budgeted for a few extra rest days in hostals where I could take a break from pilgrim life. One of those places was in Merida. There is so much to see here I thought I needed two days and so I booked this little room in Hostal Abadias.

Someone told me it was too expensive but that is not my experience. If there are TWO people sharing then you can get a much better deal. For instance, I paid 39 euros per night. If there were two people I think it was 42. So each person would pay only 21 euros for a bed, bathtub, tv, wi-fi and a good night's sleep in semi-privacy. As it is, I paid over $70 in California on my way to mom's from Oregon just last month. So $50.68 (39 euros) feels pretty affordable to me for a comparable room in Spain!

This place is very clean, with two twin beds and a desk. And did I mention the BATHTUB ?? !
This was a very nice room!

Tomorrow morning I get desayuno in my room at 8 am for 3 euros, just 1 euro more than at the albergues. They have a sala and a drink machine with cold drinks.

I'm about a 15 minute walk from the main attractions. That is easy sans mochilla, which I will leave in my room tomorrow. I took a cab here from Plaza Espana. Cost was 5 euros. But a person could walk. I was just ready to be done for the day.

The last photo is the taxi number. You may want to jot that down. You can catch taxis from Plaza Espana.

And now for that BATHTUB!!!



  1. Annie..I've not forgotten you. I not had a chance to read all your posts and post comments. I'll do it this afternoon. Saw the documentary and it is fantastic! I'm thinking of you lots and lots. Happy Mother's Day..

  2. I'm impressed! So cheap yet looks so good. Read a headline the other day saying Spain was on the verge of bankruptcy. If that happens the prices will drop even more, sad for Spain really.


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