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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

If you are sick in Spain

It is much simpler to be sick in Spain than in the USA. Here, you simply walk into any pharmacy and explain your symptoms. The pharmacist will diagnose you and prescribe medication. If it is serious enough to see a physician, he or she will let you know. 

Seems like I get a bad cold every time I come here. I'd love to break this pattern but for now what I have learned what works for me. These are two drugs I cannot get in the USA to my knowledge. So I stock up on these and Volteran (an ibuprofen cream) when I'm here. 

First is Fluimucil Complex. This dries up your runny nose and makes you feel human. It is like an Alka Seltzer tablet. 

Next is Flumil, which breaks up the crud in your chest so you can cough it up. It is a powder which you dissolve in a bit of water. 

I'd love to hole up here another few days until I am well but my budget won't allow it. I planned on walking to Azofra tomorrow but I got winded just walking to the Farmacia so that is out. I'm just too weak from this cold/flu. 

So tomorrow I will bus to Najera then walk to Azofra. It's a short walk but at least I will get a little exercise.  Azofra has those nice two-bed rooms. Maybe since I'm sick they will let me have one to myself. 


  1. Thanks for the info; handy to know these things and hopefully this will get you back on track.

  2. I have a prescription for Voltaren from my dr. It is for use on my hand joints and my lower back. It's really expensive if you don't have Insurance (my cost is about $40). I plan to stock up with it while I am there. It is a wonder cream!

  3. yes, I love Voltaren. I pick it up each time I'm in Spain.


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