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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Packed for the Via de la Plata

Well, I'm packed!

Here us what I'm taking on the VDLP

I'm not sure if I can put these photos in order. I'm practicing blogging from my phone. So here goes.

The first thing I'm packing is my nysil pack cover. If it's not raining hard enough for the Altus poncho, ill wear a rain jacket and use this pack cover. It's also good to help keep pickpockets out of my pack at the airport bus stop.

Second, into the bottom of the pack goes my down sleep blanket.

Next goes in my water bladder

I have several nysil packets filled with needful things.

In the blue bag goes all my cold and wet weather gear.
Altus poncho
Smartwool long johns
Merino lambs wool sweater
Smartwool hat
Camino forum buff
Rain pants

In the white nysil bag goes clothing;
Tan macabi hiking skirt
Turquoise shirt
Green plaid shirt
Wool socks
2 pair liners
2 panties
1 travel bra

In the other nysil bag are 2 smaller bags

Bag 1 has first aid items:
Gel tubes
Petroleum jelly
Ibuprofen gel
Herbal plaster
Tylenol pm
Anusol suppositories
Essential oil for Mosquitos

Bag 2 has laundry and bath items:
Toothbrush and paste
Soap and scrubby cloth
Dental floss
Cream deoderant (red container)
Laundry bar
Elastic clothesline
Safety pins for hanging clothes
Sleep mask

In the top pocket of my pack are:
Mosquito net
Wool longjohn top
Neck scarf
Blue sun shirt (gauze)

I'm wearing on the plane:
Grey macabi skirt
Black smartwool shirt
New balance shoes
Black travel bra
Money pouch

My pack weighs 13.5 pounds
Tomorrow I will spray the outside with permethrin. Then I'm ready to go!


  1. Hats off to you. That is superb minimalist packing. Have a wonderful walk and may the way be clear.

  2. Thanks Heda! I'm really excited. Just 4 more sleeps!

  3. Godspeed, Annie! We'll all be looking for regular reports!


  4. Well planned Annie. You'd make an astronaut proud. I see your going to use runners, not boots, is that right? And no crocks or light footwear for once you finish for the day.

  5. I'm paying close attention to what you're packing. I am so excited for you and quite envious. I have to remember that this time next year, I'll be just days away from leaving on my own pilgrimage.

    Buen Camino

  6. Hi Annie I'm also checking out what you are bringing and I noticed that you are only bring 1 pair of shoes. I know you have walked the Camino Frances many times and are an experienced pilgrim. I have looked at other suggested lists of what to pack and they all say good hiking boots with sandals for at the end of each hike. By using the New Balance shoes do you get sore feet or blisters? I like the idea of such light shoes and only bringing1 pair.
    Enjoy your VDLP and may it be trouble free.

    Buen Camino.

  7. Hi Frances. I'm taking a pair of flip flopsi usually carry those or buy a pair of crocs at the china store for under 5 euros.


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