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Monday, May 20, 2013

Up to the Camino Frances: Vitoria to Pamplona

I'm in Pamplona tonight at Pension Sarasate. The trip here was exceedingly long. Ten hours to Vitoria last night where I stayed at Albergue de la Catedral. Then 1.5 hours this morning into Pamplona. Luckily, the bus was well ventilated. I sat in the last seat with the air on. Nevertheless, I'm pooped!

The most memorable thing about yesterday's trip were the clouds!  It reminded me of those 3-d photos we looked at as children through our old red View Masters. Like you could just reach up and grab them. Beautiful. They made me think of Ma, my grandmother. She loved looking at the clouds !  I spent many Sunday afternoons on a blanket in the lawn watching clouds with her.  She would have loved these!

Next, a photo of my lunch. Bread with sliced tomatoe and pâté. Watermelon and my favorite drink, Nestea!  Yes, I know... It is bad ...but I love it!  


  1. AW, Pamplona..wonderful memories. I"m glad you made it and will start walking tomorrow. I hope the weather is getting better. Here, in Portland, it is chilly and gray (so what else is new?). I have a present for you when you get home!! Ultrayea. One of these days I figure out how to spell that word. I've seen ultrea, ultreya and a couple other versions. Buen Camino, Annie

  2. With any luck, that's where I'll be a year from now -- at the Sarasate in Pamplona!


    1. Me too! I'll be there for sure.

    2. Hi Patty! I'm busy stashing every spare cent I get in a "Camino Savings Account"!

      If Annie walks again I'm likely to ask if I can tag along.... I'd rather walk the whole thing, as you evidently plan to do, but it would take me 4-5 weeks, and I could never get that much time off!

      Fr. Jeffrey

  3. No chemtrails in those skies thank goodness. Hopefully you have had a relaxed sleep in Pamplona; better there than in your homeland along Tornado Alley!! So sad.

  4. 2015 for me. Seems a long way away so it's great to be there through your eyes. I love the off beat sort of detail in your blog. Gives me confidence that even with an autoimmune disorder and celiac disease that I might just be OK.


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