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Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Solstice in Sarria!

Happy Summer Solstice everyone!

May your days be filled with light!

There is a five day fiesta beginning tonight in Sarria. It culminates in bonfires being lit over the countryside. 

Maybe I will stay an extra night!


  1. What a wonderful place to celebrate the Solstice!!

  2. Agreed Patricia. I'll swap places with you Annie. Winter solstice here, lol. Maybe beam a little sunshine down our way :)

  3. I remember Sarria as a COLD place! When I passed through last last September I worried about those upcoming Galician mornings, and bought a heavy-duty sweat shirt at the peregrino store at the foot of the staricase.

    Your envious friend, Fr. Jeffrey

  4. I remember Sarria was a COLD place when I arrived late last September. I got worried about those coming early mornings in Galicia, and so bought a heavy-duty sweatshirt at the peregrino store at the foot of the stairs!


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