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Monday, June 03, 2013

To San Bol

Another spectacular walk!  
I'm running out of adjectives.

I did about 27 kilometers today from Burgos to San Bol. I stopped at Hornillos, exhausted, thinking I might take a chance and stay there since the weather has been cold and bedbugs haven't hatched yet. But after a quick look, I realized these are the same old bug-ridden beds and I didn't want to take the chance if carrying eggs on or in my sleeping bag.

So I stopped and had a salad and then trudged on, praying San Bol would have a bed. 

They did

And a heated floor!

No electricity. Bed is 5 euros. Dinner is 7 euros and we all eat together. This is not the old hippy joint of the past. It is exceptionally clean, with good hot showers and scenery that is almost ethereal. 

I'm exhausted but happy. 
Tomorrow I may do a short day to San Anton for old times sake. 

I have this weird blood blister on my right heel. It is from where my insert meets my shoe. Must be pinching. It is very tiny but deep and painful and I haven't been able to completely drain it. I got antibiotic cream in Burgos so I will try again after my shower. I hope I can lance the darned thing. It's that pain when you have a splinter and have to walk on it. Ouch!

See tomorrow's blog for more photos of San Bol.


  1. Ahh my favorite little stretch here! Do DOOO stay at San Anton!! And give the hospitelera an extra hug and blessing from me!!

  2. Hitting your stride again now Annie. Great post, glad you're back on track.


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