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Monday, August 19, 2013

DIY Crockpot Greek Yogurt - Part 1

Do you like yogurt?
Do you know,
you can make your own
 for a fraction of the retail price!

Here's what you'll need.
 I've doubled this recipe and it works great!:

1/2 gallon Milk 
I am using 2% with no RBF. 
You can use organic or non-organic. 
You can use full fat or any percentage.
 I'm not sure if fat-free works, as I've never tried it. 
I have HEARD this recipe will work for soy yogurt, 
but I have not tried it.

1/2 cup Instant Dry Milk
The dry milk is optional. 
To me, it gives the yogurt a thicker, creamier texture that I like.
You can use organic or non-organic.

1/4 cup of live yogurt 
I like the Greek Yogurt - seems stronger - 
but any PLAIN yogurt with live cultures will work.

Cooking thermometer
I have an old glass candy thermometer, 
but any cooking thermometer will do. 
A digital type is especially nice.

Crock Pot 
I have found for yogurt, 
the type that works best is the old style with a removable crock.
 I find the newer models get too hot.

Thick bath towel
This needs to be a nice, thick towel. You will use this to wrap up the crock overnight to keep it warm.

Spoon to stir
Any clean spoon will be fine.

Mason Jar with Lid or Bowl
For mixing the dry milk


Pour the milk into the crock pot. 
Hold back about 2 cups. 
I didn't measure, I just poured and left a little in the carton. 
If you are using an entire gallon of milk, 
you may not be able to put it all into the pot. 
Remember to leave room for about 1-2 cups 
of milk.

1/2 gallon milk in the crock pot.

Pour 1/2 cup of dry milk into the remaining 1-2 cups of milk and mix well.
I use a mason jar and shake the heck out of it. 
You can also mix it up in a bowl.
This step is OPTIONAL. 
Your yogurt will be fine without it, 
but this seems to make the yogurt a bit thicker and creamier, 
which I like.

I use a mason jar to shake up the dry milk with fresh milk

Pour the dry milk mixture into the crock pot. 
If you like, you can use a strainer.  
Stir well, put the lid on, 
and set the crockpot on LOW heat.

Bring the milk up to 180 degrees F.  

This will take between 1 and 2 hours, 
depending on your crockpot.  
Use a cooking thermometer to measure the temperature. 
A digital is nice, but I have an old-timer.  
My finger is at the 180 degree mark. 
It is on the LEFT, not the right.

My old candy thermometer

Now wait... 

I'll post part 2 in about 2 hours, 

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