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Friday, August 02, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my birthday.
I'm 61.

S.I.X.T.Y.   O.N.E. !!!

I just can't wrap my head around that!

Wasn't it just yesterday I was running barefoot 
through the cornfield, 
looking for kittens in the haystacks, 
and going fishing for carp 
with my bamboo homemade pole in the slough?  

Wasn't it just yesterday I was Pledging Allegiance to the Flag, building a tree-fort, 
and riding my bicycle full-speed down the mountain road? 

 Wasn't it just a few minutes ago I was eating biscuits and gravy
 with Ma and Pa, 
cleaning my Sissy's house for a quarter, 
and getting a pair of Easter shoes at Buster Brown?  

Wasn't it yesterday I was running into the kitchen 
where my grandfather had my clothes warming 
in the oven?

Where did the time go?
Who is that old lady looking back at me from my mirror?
The one with the grey streaks in her hair and the wrinkly face?
Her eyes look like mine, but the rest is a mystery.

There are days I feel trapped in this body.
Time is speeding up 
and it seems like my body is slowing down 
and I don't WANT to slow down.

I want to keep on moving and shaking, 
keep on walking, 
keep on dancing under the moon!

I want to laugh and sing and be in love!
I want to LIVE another 61 years!

My son's friend asked me yesterday 
if I minded walking to the juice shop.
It was only two blocks away.
I just walked 750 kilometers across Spain, 
carrying a backpack for 2.5 months.
I realize he was being polite, but... well...
I wanted to laugh.

So I did!

There's a barbecue at my middle son's house tonight.
The whole gang will be there.
I'm looking forward to spending time with my family.
I'm so very proud of them.
What a wonderful, talented, loving group of human beings.
They are the one thing I did right in my life, 
the one mistake I did not make.

I'm truly blessed.

Sixty one isn't so bad...

Today I'm going to take a long hot bath 
and paint my toenails.
I may even go to the spa.
A day of pampering myself sounds good.

Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday to Me!


  1. Happy happy birthday to you!! to you! lalalala.....

  2. A very Happy Birthday to you! From one Leo to another. It seems like just yesterday you and I were celebrating our birthdays together, not sure what number, at the Dynasty, with your mom and my Grandpa :) Good memories. So enjoy the bbq and definitely do those special things for yourself cause today is YOUR day.

    Love, Lafonne and family

  3. Happy Birthday girlfriend. You're just a kid!! I love what you wrote. You are very eloquent..''

    Wait til you "turn" 71...

    Sounds like you had a wonderful celebration with your family. See you soon

  4. Sixty one is cool. Happy Birthday. Hope all your birthday wishes come true.

  5. A very belated Happy Birthday to you!! Hope your day was everything you wanted it to be and then some more!! Been neglecting reading my fav blogs and having a blast catching up! Love seeing all the good things coming your way!


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