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Friday, August 09, 2013

We're Buying a House!

I got a nice settlement with my Disability and I didn't want to just spend it on trivial things.

My son and I discussed it and decided to try to buy a home.

We found a few that we liked and had the realtor take us around. There was one that I told him I didn't want to see. I thought it was ugly. Blue painted Cape Cod saltbox. Ugly as sin. "No way!"said I.

But he asked me to keep an open mind and after seeing what was on the market in the areas we were interested in, we drove up to the salt box.

I groaned again.

It was soooo ugly.

BUT... it was within walking distance of my other son's house. Which means convenient for my granddaughter to walk or bike over, and for family gatherings. It has a Safeway within two blocks. It's right on two major bus lines and the neighborhood is beginning to pop.

So I put on my "see what it COULD be" glasses, and walked in the door.

The minute we walked in, we both knew... this is THE house!

It is cute as can be.

Well, not really.  It's still ugly.  It pretty much looks like this photo:

BUT... it COULD be really cute!  Like THIS photo!
Amazing the difference a front porch and a few dormers will make!

The people have the rooms filled with giant oversized furniture which makes the rooms look tiny. The lady has a grand piano in that little living room! But in reality, they are not tiny at all.  Once that furniture is out, there's plenty of space.

The main floor has a bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, and office. That's the floor my son will live on.

The upstairs has a bedroom and powder room for me, and a small bedroom that will be my art studio.

There is a full sized basement, which we will finish out and put a roommate in.

Once the carpets are torn out, a new floor is laid, and the place is painted, it will be cute as heck. We also have plans to refinish the kitchen, pushing out the wall a few feet into the oversized garage space.

The backyard is gorgeous, and there is a nice enclosed deck to hang out on.  It's like sitting in a park.

I'm happy.
Scared... but happy.

Looks like I will finally have a place to lay my head.
After so many years of wandering, it will be good.
I have a home.


  1. That's the best feeling, isn't it, to walk in a house and just know it's home.
    Mama Bear

  2. I thought I posted a comment on this Annie. I am very happy for you. The house sounds like if's perfect for you and your son. Congratulations.


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