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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Yesterday I had a wonderful day reconnecting with my aunt in Hawaii and my cousins.

We had not seen each other since we were children, probably 40 years ago!
Somewhere along the way, they lost all their family photos,
so I was able to go through 2 boxes of photos
and upload them to Facebook,
supplying them with a walk down memory lane.

In going through those photos, 
I found photos of myself in younger days.

I found photos of my even YOUNGER cowgirl days!

There were photos of my family,
when we were all young and beautiful:
And photos of my Portuguese great-grandfather, 
who loved nothing more than to go to Pismo Beach
and catch "feeeeesh!"
And a photo of his daughter, my Grandmother Mary -
who was still so pretty in her 90's

I found photos of my 15 year old brother Mark
who died in a plane crash in 1973
with my father.

And a photo of my 96 year old great-Aunt Vena,
who just celebrated another birthday!
Her face hasn't changed a bit!

It was quite poignant and a wonderful blessing for us all.

On the days I get frustrated with Facebook,
I want to remember yesterday,
the day Facebook blessed me.


  1. Always fun to catch one of your posts here and there. How are you???

  2. Hey you! So nice to see you! I'm great! Are you still on Facebook? I have a new account. Have you been to Spain again lately? Or St. Croix? How's life? lol!

  3. Funny, I just checked this today for some reason. I was wondering how you were doing and see that you are still leading tour groups.

  4. Hi there! How are YOU doing? Are you still house sitting? Have you walked the Camino again?


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