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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Farewell to Amanda

Four months ago, our friend Amanda was driving with her mother in the passenger seat. She came to a red light and suddenly, her mother knew something was wrong. Amanda was having a full body seizure. Amanda's mom was able to pull the car over and get her daughter to the emergency room. By the time they arrived at the hospital, Amanda was alright, except she didn't remember anything past the fact that she had been driving.

The doctors did many, many tests and concluded that although Amanda was overweight and smoked, she was in excellent health and they could find absolutely no reason for the seizure. They decided to watch her closely and thought she perhaps might be developing some type of epilepsy.

She was ordered not to drive until February (6 months) and one of her last posts on Facebook was about how much she missed her car.

She had no more problems. No seizures. No other symptoms.

Saturday, Amanda attended the Solstice Rite with all of her closest friends. She was her usual self, laughing and joking and making people feel good.

Christmas Eve, she made plans to go to her mother's house for Christmas morning. When she did not arrive, they called and called.

No answer.

Her father drove to her house and knocked and knocked.

No answer.

They called the Fire Department, who broke into the house.

Amanda was still in bed.

She looked like she was asleep.

She had gone to bed the night before and she never woke up.

Amanda was 34 years old.

What a sad shock this has been. In fact, the entire year has been a difficult one for me, losing my sister-in-law and Methodist Pilgrim while on the Camino, and my Uncle Ralph in November.

And now, Amanda.

My friend Heidi said it best:

"Her smile, laugh and everything about her was contagious. She saw the greatness in others that we may not see. She would stand up for those who couldn't. She would give her coat to someone in need. She spoke her mind and had the fastest come-back quick wit I have ever seen in anyone. She was the type of person that TRULY meant "love me or hate me, I am not changing for anyone." She was 110% her all of the time, there was no holding back. She was the type of friend that EVERYONE should have and respect in their life. She was beautiful and an amazing soul, and I miss her so greatly already."

Rest in Peace, Amanda.

We sure will miss you!



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