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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Buy Your Camino Shoes Today!

Those of you following my blog know
New Balance Shoes for walking the Camino.

Today, The Clymb has two of my favorites on sale!

I paid over $125 for my pair 
of  New Balance Leadville 1210 Trail Runners.

Today the exact same shoe is on sale 
for $44.98 on The Clymb!!!

Inspired by the legendary Leadville 100 race, 
these shoes are cushioned and have a rugged Vibram outsole, 
and a breathable synthetic mesh upper with debris-free construction. 

 I have worn these hiking in the California desert hills and they ROCK!  
I bought a second pair when they went on sale 
so I'd have them for next year's Camino also.

Be sure to buy your shoes 1 to 1.5 sizes larger than you generally wear. 
Then take out the insole and insert a gel insole. 

I use New Balance Motion Control inserts every year and love them!

For after walking this year, 
I found these New Balance 110 Running shoes for sale on The Clymb today 
for $39!!!  

They only weigh 6 ounces and will be perfect!  

They were named "Best Minimalist" in TrailRunner Magazine, 
and have RockStop in the forefoot for protection against small rocks. 
This means I can also wear them on the trail
to give my feet some variety.

I love these shoes!

If you'd like to purchase shoes today from The Clymb,
here is a link you can use.

Once you join, when you send your friends your link,
if they purchase, you get $25 credit which you can accumulate 
to buy more great gear.

I love The Clymb
and I love NEW BALANCE SHOES for the Camino even more!

This is an exceptional opportunity to buy 
the perfect shoes for the Camino
at 50-75% discount.
But they're only there today,
so go check them out!

Buen Camino!

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