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Finding magic under the stars of the Camino Santiago de Compostela

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Which Way Will She Go?

I'm trying to decide now which route I will walk before picking up my group in Pamplona next spring.

I need to finish the last 3 stages of the Madrid Route.
I had to leave early last year to meet my group in Pamplona.
I'd love to walk the entire route again!

I need to finish the VDLP.
I could walk this year from Caceres to Salamanca or Zamora.

Patty and I are also talking about doing a winter Camino in 2016.
Wouldn't THAT be a kick?

Decisions, decisions…

I'm leaning toward the VDLP, mostly because I love the food in Southern Spain and I really REALLY want to get further up that route.

I'm hoping to leave soon after May 1.
I'd like to leave earlier but have family obligations - although I may weasel out of them.
I'd like to have 2-3 weeks to walk before May 15.

This year I'm going to make some changes to my pack.

I'm only carrying ONE Macabi skirt.
I'm considering leaving my jacket home - haven't worn it enough to carry it.
And.. ::gasp:: I need to find an alternative to New Balance Shoes.

I"ve loved them all these years, but apparently, they're now being manufactured in Vietnam, and the last two years, the quality took a huge dive. After just a few weeks walking, my shoes wore out. NOT acceptable after paying so much cash for them!

Anyway, those are my thoughts.
The choice where to walk is always difficult for me.
So many routes, so little time...