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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My New Chicken Coop

See those banana trees in the background?

Well, this week I traded this henhouse and 3 hens for 3 banana trees.

The coop was just as tall as those white legs, about 4 feet.
We put it up on stilts to begin with.

Once it was up, my friend Joe framed the run.
We used wood from a couple of pallets we scavenged.

I bought the plywood for the roof and the treated baseboards.

Joe made a door from the pallet wood.

I put hardward cloth all around, 
leaving a 6-8" skirt at the bottom.
Bertha is checking out her new digs.

Finished inside, with two cozy barrel nesting boxes.
When we are finished, 
we will be able to draw the ladder up 
during the day 
to give the chooks more room inside.

Finished outside.
I'm happy.
The girls are happy.

We put concrete all around the base
to keep out raccoons and mice.
I love my little henhouse!
It fits right into my beautiful back yard.

But THIS is the only problem.
Bertha is the first bird to bed each night.
She gets in there and hops up on the roost.
Then Penny, seen below,
 goes up the ladder and turns AROUND, 
facing the doorway and daring the other girls to step on her ladder!

She pecks the heck out of them when they approach.

It's like a game.
They go up, she chases them down.
They go up, she chases them down.

Finally, I have to step in and push her into the coop, 
then the others can go to bed.
What a pill!
Is this normal?

I love her dearly - 
she's a sweet girl to humans, 
but she's mean as a snake to the smaller two hens.

She may have to become Sunday dinner if she doesn't ease up.

Anyway, I'm tired, and happy the coop's finished.
Tomorrow we'll fence off an outdoor run, and will be done.

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