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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Minimalist Game

There's a great game going around the internet right now called the Minimalist Game.
I've decided I'm going to play!

The rules are simple.
Day 1:  Get rid of 1 item that is you are hoarding "just in case."
Day 2: Get rid of 2 items.
Day 3: Get rid of 3 items.

Etc., etc., all the way up to Day 30.

I'm looking around my bedroom and office, wondering "What will it be?"

Ok.. I know this is silly, but I love chenille bathrobes.
And I have THREE!
And… I love each one.
And I ESPECIALLY love this pink one.

The short-sleeved, short length pink is nice for summer.
The green is long-sleeved and goes to the floor.
And then there's the turquoise, which has 3/4 sleeves and hits just below my knees.

Oh, I love them both!
One is for summer, one for winter, and one "just in case" one wears out.

So, I've made a decision.
The pink is going to go outside and get hung on my giveaway tree.
I bet someone will love it and take it home today.

About the giveaway tree.
It is a maple tree out in front of my house, on the streetside of the sidewalk.
I (and other neighbors) hang or place items there we do not need, free for the taking.
It works - things disappear - and go to people who like or need them.

Ok.. OUT goes the pink chenille bathrobe.
Day 1 of the game is complete!

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