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Friday, February 13, 2015

I Think I'm Going to Cry

This morning, I've been updating the photos on the Camino Madrid portion of my blog. And boy, has it made me homesick for Spain!

I am not planning to go this year because of my darned ankle.
I haven't really thought too much about it.
But now, seeing the photos, I'm wondering if this was a bad decision.

I'm reconsidering.
If I can just get two more pilgrims to join our May/June group,
I can afford to go.

Even if I can't walk every day,
I can be there.

Will I go?
Stay tuned.



  1. Sorry you're not going this year.

    I'm going back in September to "fill in" all the gaps from my 2012 Camino.... Pilgrim Pam from Perth is going back in September to walk the Portuguese Camino.... We should both arrive in Santiago on the same day, purely by chance! Miraculous!

    Pax JGE+

  2. That is so awesome! Give her my best and a big old hug!
    Have a wonderful Camino!


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