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Monday, April 20, 2015

A Rough Night and Weekend

We have had a rough night and weekend.
I was up at 11, 1:30, 3:30, and at 5 I just decided to stay up.

Mike has had loud, violent hiccoughs now for over 48 hours.

The medication is giving him nightmares and there is never a quiet moment.
He talks, moans, and sees things every moment.
I have never seen him in a quiet, sound sleep.
I imagine there must be a lot on his mind, but this can't be normal.

Is he crying with no tears?
Is that what the constant moaning is?
Is he lamenting the end of his life?
Is it memories?
Is it pain?
Should I give him more medication?
It's difficult to know what to do.

I rub his head for a bit and he quiets down, but the minute I stop, the moaning begins again.
I sent mom back to bed to try to catch a couple more hours of sleep.
I hope she can rest.

The RN comes this morning and I'm requesting they change his medication.
I wonder if it is the morphine that is giving him nightmares?
A pilgrim who walked with us last year suggested something for the hiccoughs and nightmares, so I'll see what we can do. We requested the change yesterday but the hospice pharmacy was closed for the weekend. 

Wish us luck.



  1. Distressed to learn of this. You and your family will be remembered at the altar.


  2. Ask about changing to Fentanyl. The metabolism of morphine is changed with liver disease and it may not be able to work for the pain since the active metabolites are not produced. Fentanyl is not affected by liver disease.


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