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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Making Pesto!

My son Cameron made pesto today for the week!

It is GOOD!

His partner, Michael, grew the BEST Italian Basil this season that I've ever eaten. It is so fragrant!  When I crushed the flowers between my fingers and closed my eyes, it was unbelievable - next season I'm going to infuse some in alcohol.

Anyway, there is no real recipe, 
but here's what goes into it:

Pine Nuts
Olive Oil

Here is the Basil from our garden. 
There is the Italian Basil, 
and also just standard garden variety Basil.

I helped him clean it 
and take the leaves off the stems.

Next, he put it into the food processor 
and chopped it up.

Then, he chopped some garlic 
and ground it in the mortar and pestle 
along with pine nuts, salt, and olive oil.

He added that to the big food processor, 
then added some grated parmesan cheese
we had grated in the small processor.
(we're a 2 food processor family)

This house uses a LOT of pesto! 
It's one of our favorite easy meals.

When we buy it, 
we buy this Buitoni 7 ounce size 
for about $5.99  

Today, Cameron made about 28 ounces 
(4 times as much) 
for $8.
And it's soooo much better!
Look how thick and luscious it looks.

I love having a garden and sons that like to cook!
Thanks Cameron!

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