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Monday, November 16, 2015

To Ventosa

2006 and 2013

On this stage we also passed the famous fence
that is studded with wooden crosses left by pilgrims:

We eventually reached Ventosa
where we slept in the old San Saturnino albergue.
It was a wonderful experience.
The albergue was full,
and a woman came in very late, exhausted.
When she learned there was no bed, 
she began to cry.
The hospitalera kindly allowed her to get a hot shower
and to use the kitchen to cook some food.
She then directed her up the hill to the Church,
where late arriving pilgrims were laying out their sleeping bags
in the grassy churchyard for the night.

View of the valley from the Churchyard

Pilgrims doing their laundry below the Churchyard.
I have stayed in San Saturnino in later years.
The owner has moved to a new building,
but the Albergue, which is part of the RED ALBERGUES,
is still clean, comfortable, and kind.

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