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Monday, November 16, 2015

ToTrinidad de Arre


Leaving Zubiri, we learned ...
Do Not Follow the Herd

Many pilgrims get up before dawn and leave in the dark. 
It's a silly habit and 
unless you are traveling in extreme heat, 
makes no sense. 

The idea is that they'll get a bed up ahead and you won't. 
But what it really does 
is annoy the hell out of everyone who is trying to get a few more minutes of sleep. 

There are plenty of places to stay on the Camino. 
If one place gets full, there are others. 
So take your time, 
get up when they make you get up, 
walk at your own pace, 
and don't get hooked into following the herd.
Leaving Zubiri in the darkness of night
We had not learned this lesson yet, 
and we were struck by how many people got up in the dark 
and left the albergue by headlamp. 
So, we decided we'd better do the same! 
And what happened that very first time? 
We got LOST in the dark! 
And we almost walked into the river. 
It was the last time we attempted this silly in-the-dark-start!
And there was always a bed waiting for us!

Once we found our bearings,
the walking was much easier than it had been
the first two days.

The views were fantastic

I was disgusted by women leaving TP on the trail!

This homeowner had offered figs to the pilgrims. YUM!

Just a small hill to climb today

Looking back . . .

We finally arrived!

Joe is also happy

A couple of pairs of tired feet
 The next bed was waiting at the Albergue de Hermanos Maristas in Trinidad de Arre / Villava, as soon as we walked across the ancient Roman bridge. The albergue was closed, so we took off our shoes and waited in the shade, enjoying the sound of the river. When the priest arrived, he checked us in and gave us a room for married couples, which was more private and quiet. They also had a "snoring room" at this albergue... what a GREAT idea! Too bad people didn't get the message!

Part of an old fruit press
Inside Albergue at Trinidad de Arre
The sitting room
You enter this albergue at the side door.

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