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Sunday, December 06, 2015

To Ganso and Rabanal del Camino

2012 Summer
In 2012, it was still cold in June
but the walking was good in the crisp sunny air.


The walking was a little windy, but beautiful

Joe sitting under the Pilgrim Tree.
Two years later, it had blown down.

Miranda is ready for a cold one
Fred and April rest at El Refugio
Laundry Day at El Refugio

2012 Autumn

Leaving Astorga, 
we always stop at the tiny medieval hermitage,
which has been restored, 
Ecce Homo.
There, you can get a stamp for your credential
and get an extra credential if yours is getting full.

 Ecce Homo

Only 249 kilometers to go

Between Astorga and Sta. Catalina is a stop for a picnic

El Ganso is a wee town between Santa Catalina 
and Rabanal del Camino.
El Ganso means "The Goose."
As you enter the town, you pass THIS fountain,
which is clearly marked,
This mean "NOT POTABLE"
which means
There is a good fountain up past the Cowboy Bar.

The Cowboy Bar in El Ganso is a place everyone wants to stop.
And by all means, stop in and peek inside.

However, if they are busy,
there is a lovely bar right next door
where the beer is cold
and the food is great!
The name of the little place is La Barraka.

If you would prefer to picnic, 
soon after you pass the Cowboy Bar,
right across from the church,
is a bench and a fountain and a dumpster,
everything you need for a picnic.

I love the doors in Spain!

A fallen peregrina, "Trudy" died here in 2011

Rabanal del Camino
Dinner at El Refugio

2013 - Summer
Love the 1844 date.

When you go slow and look, you see things you might otherwise miss.

The beautiful Pilgrim Tree,
now gone.
Looking through a window...
2014  Spring/Summer
This pilgrim had a great way to pull his pack behind him

The walk to Rabanal is flat and easy.
It is a pretty stretch.

I was sad to see the beautiful old Pilgrim Tree blew down this year!
I sat and had lunch by the stump,
remembering how majestic the tree had been in past years.

Joe at the Pilgrim Oak in 2012

From the looks of it, though, it was completely hollow
which probably led to its demise.
A good reminder of how important it is not only to have roots,
but a good strong core.

The Pilgrim Oak 2014 :(

Rabanal del Camino is one of my favorite stops on the Camino.
And El Refugio is my favorite Hostal there.

One reason is the staff.
They are always friendly and helpful.
Christina handles the rooms.
Her brother runs the bar.
And man, oh, man, can her sister cook!

We had a great dinner!
The fish soup is sooooooop good!

After a beautiful meal,
most of my group attended Vespers at the church across the street.
I stayed home and caught up on laundry.

It was a good day!

2015 Autumn

Joe and the Peregrinas just finished the stretch 
from Astorga to Rabanal del Camino.

Here is what he reports:

We are here. 
A fine day for walking, not too hot not too cold, just right.

Saw at least 2 police cars on the caretera, so they are patrolling.

Here are some pics.

All will attend the mass here and get stones blessed.

Peregrinas buying necklaces from Manuel on the way to El Gonzo

Sharon and pat at cowboy bar and Kristen checking out cowboy memorabilia
Posters about Denise Thiem were all along the route

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