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Monday, April 18, 2016

Malaga to Juntos de Los Caminos

I had a lovely meeting this morning at the Cathdral with Maggie and her partner. I spent about an hour picking her beautiful brain about the route and they both were graciously patient. Next a quick stop at the Correos to mail some items to Pamplona. Then I began walking the 12 k slog through the city, using Google maps. Once I started, I kept my eyes open for Bus #21 which goes directly to the Pension and head of the Camino trail. Finally caught the bus which dropped me off just a few yards past the pension. This Camino actually begins at a place called Junto de Los Caminos and I had made a reservation at a pension there for the night. The Pension's name is Jose Carlos and you can find it on A single room was €25. The people here are very kind and helpful. My room is clean and secure and ensuite and fragrance free  
Lunch here is the Menu del Dia (€15) with a great assortment of choices. I settled on a beautiful salad with potatoes, oranges, onions and peppers. Second course was filletes de rosada a la plancha, which I believe is hake. Both were very good. Dessert and wine and bread are included.
  I'm now watching the weather and hoping the thunderstorms being predicted will go around me. I begin walking in earnest tomorrow. For some reason I'm unable to add more images today. Will try later.


  1. I see your umbrella for this year has a green theme! Is your pack at a more comfortable weight after shipping some things ahead?

    1. Yes. I had a few things I needed for the group trip but not for this Camino. I probably took off a pound. Since it will be stormy and slippery I wants my pack as light as possible for the first two days.

  2. Been raining hard in Madrid since noon. The Thyssen museum was everything I hoped for!


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