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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Medina de Rioseca

Another beautiful walk. The cold wind settled down and he scenery was stunning. I wish I could record the fragrance if the mustard blossoms. Heavenly.   
I love the way these stones look. 
Everywhere I look is a feast for the eyes. 
I'm so grateful for sight. 
The walk began on a dirt oath after crossing the bridge. 
Soon I was walking past fragrant mustard fields. 
Way arks are on whatever surface will hold paint!
Storks are caring for fledglings. 
As you leave Valverde, there is a tiny tienda if you need food. 
Then you walk on the paved road for a short time then are directed to a path running alongside the road. 
After a while, it makes a sharp right and up a hill to this abandoned house. 
A sharp left and you walk on a hillside, seeing the road down to your left. 
You walk around the hill and soon you can see Medina de Rioseca in the distance. 
There is a point where you carefully cross the paved road 
and must make a choice. 
If you want to sleep at the convent (very nice Albergue) then you will walk on the paved highway and it will drop you off pretty much in front of the convent. Turn left at the dead end and the convent is the huge stone complex on your right. 
Go into the door marked 'info,' ring the bell, and a nun will soon assist you. 
The washing machine did not work. However, there was hot water, clean beds, a stove, and wi-fi

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