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Sunday, April 24, 2016

To Cuevas

To Cuevas Bajas. 10k  

 Today I walked to Cuevas Bajas, only about 10 k.  -
 otherwise tomorrow into Lucena would have been over 30k.   

  Another beautiful but not easy walk. Half was all uphill. Reminded me of the walk to Orisson - a constant stop and start. The minute I though I was at the top, there would be another hill behind that one. Finally, the top, then a steep descent on a combination of tracks from dirt to rocky to paved. 

  Cuevas is a nice village. Everybody here is in a happy mood. The keys are at one of the two bats in the square at the bottom of the village.    I grabbed some fresh churros on the way in. 
  The Frenchman almost had a heart attack trying to beat me here and in the end, the barkeep handed me the only key. I could see the steam coming out of his ears. He likes to be in control.  There are 3 bunks here for a total of 6 beds. Kitchen has a microwave but no stove. 1 shower. 
  And me, I've made a mess of my booking for Lucena by staying the extra day in Antequera and not checking my sehedule. I have a booking there for today. I have asked to see if they'll change it but I may have to eat the fee. Bummer.    I'm thinking about stopping at Lucena. I really want to finish the Madrid route this year and the weather is looking better there. I will decide tomorrow.    The way was well marked. Just pay attention to the difference between yellow arrow and yellow 'X's!!  

I think the town mermaid needs her water changed!

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  1. Wow, I'm so impressed. I've always wanted to do a walking tour. I was wondering, have you come across any situations with unsavory or unfriendly people where you felt unsafe?


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