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Saturday, May 07, 2016





I woke up scared this morning!

I had a nightmare.

I dreamed I kept running into the lady from yesterday's Albergue.

And she wanted to know WHY I left!



I mentioned booking at an Albergue yesterday,

then showing up only to be told they had no bed for me.


But I didn't tell you the whole story.


There were two of them.

Two ladies.

And as they worked to get the beds ready for their big group,

the group that had knocked my reservation to the side,

one lady told me to sit and wait.




I could hear them talking in the back. 

Was I really REALLY a pilgrim?

Or was I trying to pull a fast one?

Was I homeless?


I thought, "Riiiiight!  And these are my $160 homeless person's shoes "


They questioned me.

When did I start?

From where?


Are you a peregrina?


Yes. I am a pilgrim.  

And I also help a group of pilgrims walk the Camino. 


I walk and pray for my health. 

How do I explain Multiple Chemical Sensitivities in Spanish?


I told them I had just walked from Malaga a few days

and then the last portion of the Camino Madrid,

and that I was meeting people to continue on the Camino Frances from SJPP.


They spoke so quickly it was hard to follow.

And I know they did not understand me. 

It must have sounded very confusing. 

My Spanish isn't THAT good.


WHEN I leaving?

How many days had I been here?


"HELL, I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT DAY THIS IS!" I thought to myself.


The day I arrived, I had asked one of them how much it would cost to book the entire place.

I wondered if it would be a good option for one of my groups.

An experience staying in an Albergue, but with the privacy of being in our own group.

So she had to know I lead groups. 


One lady told me not to worry.

I could sleep in her house.



I don't want to sleep in someone's house.

I want to find out what it is like sleeping here.

She didn't understand.


And while I sat "waiting," rooms were being nabbed all over Pamplona.


I got onto

Two singles left at Hotel Eslava.


What should I do?


I could hear them arguing in the back.


Would I have a place to sleep???


I asked again, "Do I have a bed tonight?"


She said, "Tranquila. Espera."


I thought, "That's easy for you to say" and chuckled to myself at the fix I was in. 

It fit so perfectly with the rest of my Mercurial day!

Communications were definitely in retrograde. 


I thought she asked, "You are going to SJPP? To walk the Camino Frances?"


I said "Yes."


The both laughed and nodded as though I was lying, "a-HA!  We caught you. There is no bus to SJPP tomorrow, it is DOMINGO!!"


I said, "No.  We are taking a taxi "


"Ohhhhhhhh, a taxi!"


By this time I was getting worried. My Spanish was not good enough to explain to them that I had been walking for almost three weeks, that I wanted to try out their Albergue to see if it would be good for next year's group, at the same time I NEEDED a bed for this night and lodging was filling up fast, and I wasn't really interested in staying at the one lady's house, based on nothing more than my gut feeling. 


I got on again. 



That was it. 

I booked it. 

Then I got my pack and walked out. 

They were still arguing in the back. 


I'm sure when they finally returned and found me gone, they wondered . . .

But I needed a bed. 

I couldn't take the chance of being turned down. 

I felt a bit guilty about walking out. 

But that only lasted ten seconds. 


Or so I thought. 



Then I dreamed and she nagged me all night. 

In my dream, no matter which way I turned,

she was there, the lady from the Albergue, 

drilling me, questioning me, and asking why I left. 


I woke up looking over my shoulder. 









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  1. You are too funny Annie! Thanks so much for sharing! You are the best!


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