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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Pamplona in Springtime

I walked to the Cathedral today. €3 for pilgrims.  If you go, you must take care to see everything listed on the map they give you.  Some things, like the house of the bellman, you must ask them to unlock.  Other doorways are a bit hidden, so explore any door that is open.  I began my walk through the park, which is bursting with color!  
Then through Old Town for a little shopping. 
Then to the Cathedral. 
The imagery is quite striking in the Cathedral and is meant to evoke emotion. 
You can see Jesus has been whipped. 
Some statues were very simple. 
Others were quite ornate. 
I love the solar imagery. 
Crucifixions were life-sized for dramatic appeal. 
Emotions were apparent. 
Even wooden statues wept. 
The cloister was lovely. 
I climbed 62 steps to the bellringer's house. 
His floor was worn smooth and beautiful. 
A touch-screen computer allowed me to hear all the different bells. 
And Santa Barbara, who was also confined in a tower, blessed me as I walked by. 
I got a closer look at one of the stained glass windows. 
 My visit concluded, I stopped in for a Caesar salad before heading back to my room.  

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