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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Spring Clean Your House in 10 Minutes a Day - Bathroom

Years ago when I was a young single mother with three children, I used a technique to keep my house cleaned in 10 minutes per day, and with the children's help. 

I took a stack of 3 x 5 cards and went around the house. On each card I put one job that would not take more than 10 minutes. So for example, in the living room I might write, 'clean window sill behind couch,' or "clean baseboard by front door,' or "wash down inside of front door," or "wash window to the left of the television," etc. In the kitchen I might have cards that said, "clean top rack of fridge," "clean bottom veggie bin," "clean silverware drawer," "wash curtains over sink," or "clean off spice shelf." In the bathroom maybe I'd have something like "clean top shelf of medicine cabinet," or "clean baseboards, or "take down shower curtain and wash in machine." 

I went through the entire house, making notes of tiny 10 minute jobs in each room, each job on a card - all the jobs you would do if you were spring cleaning. Then I shuffled the cards and put them in a card file box. 

Each day, each child would take out one card and do the job on it. So would I. It was just one extra chore. And at the end of the year, all of these jobs that you'd usually only do once or twice a year had been done.

Currently, I use a Bullet Journal to keep myself organized.  I thought this might be a very good thing to put in my bullet journal and begin using.

So for the next week or so, I'll be going through my own house, making lists.

Remember, these are ideas for MY house. Your list could be different, have more rooms, or different jobs.

I haven't quite figured out how to insert a checklist box in blogger - so remember - the bullet points should be BOXES you can check off.

First the Rules.
They are simple.

  • Each job must never take more than 10 minutes. It can take LESS, but never more.
  • Choose one job per day and do it.
  • Do more if you feel like it
  • You do not have to do the jobs or even the rooms in order.
  • Check off the jobs as they are done.
  • Children can be a big help - give them access to your list or make a bullet list for them!
Ok. Here goes. 
I'm going to do a list for my bathroom and for my hall today.


  • Clean inside of door
  • Clean outside of door
  • Clean/polish towel bars 
  • Clean/polish toilet paper holder
  • Clean/polish bath/shower handles and spigot
  • Clean/polish sink handles and spigot
  • Clean/polish sink drain
  • Clean/polish bathtub drain
  • Replace or wash shower curtain
  • Clean/polish shower curtain bar
  • Medicine cabinet - clean one shelf - discard old items
  • Medicine cabinet - clean one shelf - discard old items
  • Medicine cabinet - clean one shelf - discard old items
  • Medicine cabinet - polish mirror
  • Medicine cabinet - clean the top if there is one
  • Cabinets - clean one shelf. Discard anything not used in a year. Put in shelf paper if you like. (repeat for each shelf)
  • Cabinets - clean off top counter(s)
  • Cabinets - clean/polish outside and inside doors and handles
  • Clean/polish back of toilet
  • Clean/polish entire outside of toilet bowl
  • Use a broom or dustmop to remove all cobwebs on walls and ceiling.
  • Clean 2 baseboards 
  • Clean 2 baseboards
  • Wash window and windowsill inside
  • Wash window outside
  • Repeat for each window
  • Wash one wall
  • Wash one wall
  • Wash one wall
  • Wash one wall 
  • Scrub one wall of shower stall
  • Scrub second wall of shower stall
  • Take off shower head. Clean and/or replace.
  • Wash ceiling if needed
  • Does tub sealant need replacing?
  • Scrub floor - weekend job
  • Clean ceiling light fixture
  • Clean medicine cabinet light fixture
  • Clean exhaust fan cover
  • Wash waste basket inside and out
  • Scrub sink, cleaning around the faucet with a toothbrush
  • Scrub tub, cleaning around the faucet with a toothbrush
  • Clean switchplates

  • Clean 2 baseboards
  • Clean 2 baseboards
  • Clean towel closet door outside and inside
  • Clean off one shelf - wipe down and organize
  • Clean off second shelf - wipe down and organize
  • Clean off third shelf - wipe down and organize
  • Check fire alarm batteries
  • Clean light fixture
  • Clean door jambs with magic sponge
  • Clean walls with magic sponge
  • Vacuum out furnace vent
  • Clean switchplates

I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and cannot use most cleaners. Here is what I have found works just as good or better than expensive cleaners. Lemon Scented Ammonia and dishwashing liquid. A professional janitor taught me this and I've used it ever since. Ammonia is a very basic chemical and it cuts through grease better than anything I have ever used. I love the smell (isn't that weird?) but if it bothers you, wear a mask.  Or use your favorite cleaner(s).  Plain rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle works nicely for counters and mirrors.

To clean windows and mirrors to a sparkle:  Mix a bucket of hot water with a quick squirt of dishwashing liquid and a capful of ammonia.  Use an old washrag. Get it "sloshy wet" and wash the window with it. Use a squeegie CROSSWISE to clean the water up. Finish up with a clean cotton lintfree cloth, like an old teeshirt.  Takes just minutes and the windows will shine.

To strip floors:  I get a bucket of hot water and an old absorbent rag like an old dishtowel or washcloth.  I pour straight ammonia on the floor and move it around with a scrub brush. I let it sit 2 or 3 minutes, then scrub. Then I wipe it up with clean hot water. This removes ALL dirt, no matter how old.  Use a mask. Don't breathe the fumes

To clean walls and doors:  I use the same mixture as I use for windows. In addition, I use a white magic eraser sponge. These things are worth their weight in gold and will remove pretty much any mark on your wall. Mr. Clean makes these, but you can also buy inexpensive off-brands and they work just as well.

Next, I'll post lists for the living room. 

Stay tuned . . .


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