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Saturday, August 06, 2016

Back to the Desert!

Well, life just has a way of throwing curve balls, doesn't it?

Just about the time I was settling in, my son got notice that the house next door they wanted to rent was $2750 per month!


How in the world do people pay that? That's 3 times my monthly income!

Anyway, I decided to move down to the desert for one year and let my son and his partner have my room. This way they can save $2000 each month and by the end of the year have a chunk of change for a down payment.

I had been toying with spending a full year in the desert, so I guess this should satisfy that whim!


my new art studio will become his office for a year 
and I'll be packing up and heading south the first of November.

I do love the desert. 
I love getting up at 4 am and watching the sun rise over the mountains. 
I love spending time with my new friend and evil twin, Vicki. 
And I love doing water aerobics each day.
I actually love being alone.
And I love having so many nice places to walk. 
And the weather. . . well, I can't complain.

The deal is in exchange for me moving, 
my son will pay my way back to Portland 
a few times during the year to visit. 
He'll also pay my storage fees up here, 
and my moving expenses.  
All that done, it will STILL be a hell of a lot cheaper 
than $2750 per month.

Good Lord!  
No wonder so many people are homeless!