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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hayden's Doll

Yesterday was a special day because I was visited by a special girl!

I have two granddaughters, and both enjoy painting dolls with me. 

Hayden is 8 years old and she loves the arts! She can knit and is learning to play the piano. The lady next door to her has a kiln and has taught Hayden to slump glass. This summer she took a pottery class. She also loves to cook. 

Yesterday, Hayden visited for the day and she painted this beautiful doll! 
She asked me if she could sell it
and I thought, "Why not!?"

The doll is really as good as most dolls on Etsy, 
and so we will list it for $39. 
When it sells, Hayden will get $30 
and I'll keep $9 for materials and listing fees. 

The face was completely painted by Hayden.
The hair was braided by her.
She made the sweater - Grandma cut it out.
The pants and boots are regular Bratz pants/boots.
I embroidered the flower on the front of the sweater 
and tidied up her stitches a bit, 
but Hayden did most of the work herself.

The doll is really a beauty with gorgeous green eyes
and a soft, sweet expression.

Hayden has named the doll Makayla.

I strongly believe in teaching children to work and earn their own money.
Teaching a child to be self-sufficient, 
to me, 
is one of the greatest gifts a parent or grandparent can give.

I think Hayden is well on her way to a career in the Arts;
perhaps she will paint portraits,
or be the curator at a museum.
And that makes me very happy!

If you are interested in Hayden's doll, Makayla,
you can find it in my FreckleFarm Dolls shop:

Here are a few more photos of Hayden
so you can see her cute personality.
She's a kick!


  1. Very nice. You are the best gramma a little angel could have!

  2. Sweet!! I'm trying to teach one of the little ones to crochet...gonna be interesting. But then mine are only 5 yrs old right now!

    1. Hey Karin, I was only 5 when I learned. A big hook and big yarn is the key. I learned by doing rounds, which always turned into doll hats! lol!


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