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Thursday, November 10, 2016

30 Miniatures in 30 Days

I've promised myself to do more art this year. I'm having fun taking watercolor classes. Here is a bunny I finished today. He's not perfect. His nose and mouth are a bit wonky, but he's mine and was my first attempt at a rabbit.

The other thing I'm working on are miniatures for my dolls.
I wanted to add a little something with each doll
and when I priced miniatures I was shocked 
at the prices!
As usual, I said to myself, 
"Self!  You can do that!"
So I did.

Last month I made a miniature apple for Allie,
one of my Bratz repaints.
Allie is going to give the apple to her teacher!

I also made a miniature basket of eggs for another doll, Debbie.
She's a little farm girl who is most comfortable
in boots and overalls.

Yesterday I made a miniature Diary and pencil for Sandy,
my latest doll.  Here she is holding her Diary and pencil.

I also made Sandy's Mary Jane shoes, her skirt, and her knit top.

My goal this month is to learn more about working with polymer clay
and other materials to make dollhouse miniatures.

Soooo.... tomorrow I'll start my
"30 Miniatures in 30 Days" challenge.

Stay tuned!


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