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Sunday, February 11, 2018

UPdating Again

Hola Peregrinos!

Once again, I'm updating these blog posts. It's been many long years since I began this blog, and some of the posts are outdated. So I'll be going through them, reading and updating them, and reposting for the new pilgrims who are just beginning their planning.

Please be sure to comment if you find mistakes or have updated information that I've missed.

I'll be walking the Camino again this year from May 15 through the end of June. I'll be taking a group of 7 wonderful women from St. Jean to Santiago.
There, I will pick up a group of 2 or 3 folks. We will taxi to Sarria and begin a SLOW Camino of half stages.  I have one spot left on the slow Camino if you're interested - but be quick, as lodging is disappearing fast!

I hope you will find these posts informative and helpful. My love affair with Spain and the Camino Santiago has been rich and satisfying, at times challenging, but always worthwhile.

Have a Buen Camino!


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