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Monday, May 14, 2018

And My Camino Begins . . .

May 14, Monday night.

Got all packed.
Got to bed early for my 6:45 flight through Chicago to Madrid.
Almost asleep....


"Your flight has been cancelled."

"Oh Noooooo!"

Apparently the weather in Chicago has caused a mess.

Well, after thinking about it, that's ok... I'd rather not fly in a tornado.

So a mad dash to call American Airlines and I got put in a queue.
An hour and a half later....  now I'm on hold.

It's 10:29 pm.
I'm hoping to get a 5:46 am flight through Dallas and hook up with Jennifer, one of my Peregrinas.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I want to get on that flight through Dallas.
I want to get on that flight to Madrid and arrive in the early morning.
And I want to arrive safely.

Stay tuned...


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