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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hotel Eslava Breakfast

I won’t always post so often when I’m in the trail, but here in Pamplona I have good WiFi (pronounced wee-fee in Spain) so I will share as much as possible. 

Here are some photos of the buffet breakfast you can expect at Hotel Eslava and which is included in our reservations. 

Make your own toast. 

Three bread option no. The local bread is baked fresh each day and has no preservatives. I cannot eat bread in the USA but I can eat it here. 

Croissants and chocolate filled pastries. 

A variety of meats and cheese and jam. In the back row is Cola Cao (for chocolate milk), and more pastries. 

Two types of fruit juice. 

Fresh fruit. Cheese for spreading. Round packets of meat and tomato spread. 

Two cereal choices. 

This is a cured ham spread. I like it very much on toast   

View from my window. 

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