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Monday, March 19, 2012

ULTREYA! Peregrinos... ULTREYA!

The word "Ultreia!" (French) or Ultreya (Spanish)
 is a word derived from the original Latin, meaning Onward!   
It is commonly use by pilgrims 
to greet and to encourage one another along the way.

Here is a song, 
often heard sung along the Camino.
This is the French version, sung by Bernard Dyharts, 
and posted by
Dale Calder in 2003.

French Lyrics:
Tous les matins nous prenons le chemin
tous les matins nous allons plus loin.
Jour après jour la route nous appelle
c'est la voix de Compostelle
Ultreia, ultreia
Et suseia
Deus adjuva nos!
Chemin de terre et chemin de foi,
voie millénaire de l'Europe,
la voie lactée de Charlemagne, 
ces le chemin de tous les jacquets.
Et tout là-bas au bout du continent,
messire Jacques nous attend
depuis toujours son sourire fixe
le soleil qui meurt au Finistère.
(letra y música: Jean Claude Bénazet)

My Lyrics:
Every morning we set off,
We hold the scallop shell.
The voice that calls us in the wind,
Is the voice of Compostelle.
Ultreïa! Ultreïa!
 From the dusty pilgrim path, 
He calls us to Him!

 Way of Earth and Way of Faith,
We've walked the thousand years.
The Milky Way of Charlemagne;
the Way of toil and tears.
Ultreïa! Ultreïa!
 From the dusty worldly path, 
He calls us to Him.

And as we near the journey's end,
Saint James is waiting there,
All the day his smile reflects
The sun of Finistère.
Ultreïa! Ultreïa!
From the dusty worldly way, 
He calls us to Him.

We draw closer with each step,
walking hand in hand.
The Way of Faith, the Way of Light
Below the starry band.
Ultreïa! Ultreïa!
From the dusty worldly way, 
He calls us to Him.

Won't you hear our call, St. James
Our song is in the air.
Guide us to your altar's foot,
Lead us safely there.
Ultreïa! Ultreïa!
From the dusty pilgrim path,
He calls us to Him.

I'd love to hear from someone who has alternative English lyrics!
The tune is just a tad different in my version.
I'll post it perhaps tomorrow.

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