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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 5: To Borce

Yesterday we walked from les Fountaines de Escot to Bidous.
There was some tight road walking in the beginning.

After, we crossed the road and had a beautiful walk mostly along a very narrow cliff side trail along a river. The river water was a bright turquoise due to the snakeskin marble scattering the bottom.

We found a tiny episserie in Sarrance and bought bread , cheese , yogurt
and ate breakfast where they used to hang people in front of the church!

 I was fascinated to see a large pentacle in mosaic on the walkway in front of the church.
This land was inhabited by pagan celts before the Christians arrived
and they have left their mark in every sacred place almost as if in protest.
Of course, the pentacle also represents the 5 wounds of Christ.


I love the way they prune the trees! In the Spring, they grow to form a shady arbor.


This looks like it came from a ship?

Painted Ceiling

Painted to look like marble. 

Joe's not REALLY in confession!

Interesting floor for those who study Hermetics.

This chandelier is made for candles

Fantastic Organ!

Soon, we were walking again...

We saw a few abandoned houses along the way

We passed several ruined stone houses.
We asked our hospitalero about them.
She said the were abandoned in the 1980s during a hard recession here.

A pretty fountain

We had a 'plate de jour' in Bidous.
We paid 12 euro each.
We started with a large salad and a potatoe/cod hot salad.
Then came roast duck (prawns for me) and fried potatoes.
Last was a cream filled cake, accented with strawberry and fresh cream.

Waiting, hungry...

Oh my! This was worth the wait!



The Chef!

After lunch, we continued our walk to Accous. There we found a large supermarket and got today's groceries. Soon after, Joe discovered he lost his purse!!!   Luckily there was only between 15 and 35 euros in it.

It was too late to continue walking so we caught the local bus to Etsaut (2,40 euros each) and walked across the river bridge to Borce. Here, walking back DOWN the hill on the right, we found our Gite. We were the only pilgrims last night. 13 euros each for bed, nice hot showers, kitchen and a pretty chapel next door. The coffee shop has free wi-fi.

Here are some photos of walk, the chapel and albergue.

Pretty Door with 1707 above it

Such a nice Gite

If you go through the door, there is a chapel on the other side.

Our hospitalera showed up to collect rent that evening. She was a joy!

This little girl was also staying here with her mother this night.
We passed notes under the door and shared a meal.

St. Jacques

 Joe has walked back to Bidous to look for his purse along the trail.
I'm doing all my wash and taking a rest day.
 Tomorrow is the short 17 kilometer but very steep walk into Canfranc.
I'm wondering if I'll make it.
My pack seems a little lighter each day but I'm still not in great shape.

Will write again when I can find wi-fi.
 But I'm running out of adjectives to describe this magical, lush, verdant, spectacular part of France!!

More photos:

 Love, Annie

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  1. Add oil! Hope you body be patient to stride thru the 17km and won't beg you to stop.

    See you at PAM next Sunday!

    Your Camino follower


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