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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 6: Rainy Sunday to Canfranc

The rain was steady all night long, sometimes turning to sleet.
It is very cold.
We have decided the trail will be too muddy to navigate.
We also do not want to get soaked and possibly sick before meeting up with our group in Pamplona.

This is a fantastic little town perched on a steep hillside.
 I suggest any one visiting stay at the Hospital et St Jacque.
For 13 euros it was a bargain.
There is one private double room and another with 4 beds.
It is spotlessly clean and friendly.

We now await the 11:30 bus to Canfranc.
 I'm sad we will not walk this last stage.
 We will pick the bus up across the river at Etsaut.
Hopefully we will find sun in Spain.

 Love, Annie

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