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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Camino from Lourdes to Aragones - Toulouse

We arrived in Toulouse after an 8 hour bus ride. It was actually quite a nice ride.

 For those leaving from Barcelona Sants, the Eurolines Bus station is across the street from the train station. You can pick up your prebooked ticket at the desk.

The bus was clean with large viewing windows and the scenery was beautiful.

The bus to Toulouse was nice and clean and roomy!
We stopped for lunch around 1 pm at a rest stop 
where there was both a restaurant and a small market.
We picked up a baguette and some local cheese.
The bus DOES have a toilet for those (like me) with tiny bladders 
and who worry about such things, 
but I waited, and used this squat toilet at the bus stop.

Toilet at the rest stop.

 We arrived at Toulouse and got a bit lost finding La Petite Alberge 
but the walking was good after all that sitting. 

These little ceramic faces hold back people's window shutters. 

Basilica St. Sernin

This is a nice place. 
Four beds to a room, a private kitchenette and bathroom.
La Petite Alberge in Toulouse has a nice garden area.

The rooms have 4 beds and a nice kitchen.

After we got settled in, 
we went for a visit at the Basilica of St. Sernin.

St. Vincent de Paul

Cathedral Treasures

We went downstairs into 
the Chapel of St. Epine


The ceiling was beautifully painted

Shells, shells everywhere!

Plenty of Green Men in this Basilica!

A capital

One of the very ornate altars

This hangs above our heads in midair

Critters in every corner of the Cathedral!

Gold drenched Holy Mother and Child

Crucifix with 4 nails

Back to the streets outside 
for a little more exploration.

 That's all for now. 

 The weather is beautiful. 
We sleep with open windows tonight.
 We have an early start in the morning
on the train to Moissac.



  1. That is Barcelona Sants. Typing on my iPhone with morning fingers.


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