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Saturday, May 05, 2012

What to do about walking sticks?

Well, I still haven't made up my mind what to do about my walking sticks. I have Pacer Poles and the handles are great for folks with carpal tunnel... I hate to leave them home. But getting them from the EU to the UK is proving to be a bit of a challenge. Getting them to Barcelona is no problem. We can pack them in a tube and ship them (I hate doing this but they're not allowed on board). However, getting them from Spain to Amsterdam and then to the UK on Easy Jet and Vueling will cost a bundle, if I can't stuff them into the pack and get them through security.

I need the sticks not only to support my knees and ankles on the rough terrain from Lourdes over the Pyrenees, but also to set up my screen tent in case I find I cannot stay in a hotel due to their perfumed sheets or air freshener. We talked about maybe just picking up walking sticks in Lourdes, and those sticks would be fine if it weren't for the tent, which I think will take a shorter stick.

So I'm stumped.

I went to Big 5 to see about some cheap model I could just leave in Spain. But they just weren't comfortable.

I picked up a cardboard box, and I'll have to decide by tomorrow.

What to do...???

Oh yeah, and just now, two days before I go to Spain, I ran out of photo space on this Google Blogspot account.

Well crap!

Do I want to pay $2.49 per month to keep this blog going?
You tell me...


  1. Isn't there a way to take this to another blog space? This is the first I've heard about someone actually running out of "free" blogspace!! Ouch! Just doesn't seem fair to have to pay that much. What about simply archiving older posts??? Just put a link to them and "store" them elsewhere?

  2. I was surprised, that's for sure. I had no idea my space was limited. Probably in the fine print somewhere. I was not very happy when the message popped up as I tried to post the last blog.

    But I'm on my way to Spain and don't have time to sort it out. I'll probably move my blog, once I return. For now, I'm paying.

    I do admit, I post a lot of photos.

    Anyway, for now it's all good. I'm off this morning to Barcelona! Have a wonderful summer, everyone!


    1. Annie- I'm preparing to go on Camino in Sept. and I have found your blog informative and interesting. And also reassuring. You are clearly an experienced walker and I appreciate the way you explain things. I hope your blog continues, and Buen Camino!


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