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Friday, September 07, 2012

The Gypsy Poop Sting

Weird photo, huh? You know what it is? It's Joe, cleaning off what's left of the 'poop' the gypsy squirted on us this morning on our way to the bus.

I hope you have all read my blog on gypsies and pickpockets. If I had not watched the video and read the stories I would have had no idea when this nicely dressed gentleman walked up to me and said "You have something on your backpack. It's dirty". He motioned upwards, indicating it had come from above.

Above, indeed!

Immediately I remembered this as being one of the ways they get close enough to pick your pockets. As he was conveniently pulling out a baby-wipe, saying "Here! I will clean it for you," I shouted "NO!!". And Mr Birdpoop jumped the other direction and walked!

I took off my pack at the next bench and saw my pack was covered with what appeared to be left by a giant vulture!

Because I'm in the middle of a perfume reaction from the Hostal, I'm super sensitive to scents. So I immediately smelled perfume. I stuck one finger in the 'poop' and realized the jerk had squirted me with liquid foundation makeup. Sheesh! Just what I needed!

We stopped and cleaned off my pack. Them I looked at Joe's back and he'd been squirted also! As we walked on to the bus, he said "uh-oh. He got your pants too!"

Man, I was mad as a wet hen! I already had a headache and now I would have to smell perfume for the next six hours.

We cleaned up the best we could. Once I calmed down I had to laugh. I was thankful I had read up on pick pocketing ploys. Otherwise I might not have known what was happening until the "nice man" had not only cleaned me up ...but had also cleaned me out!!

So beware, travelers!

Read my blog on pickpockets and be sure to watch the films I posted. It might save your wallet and your trip!

Buen Camino!

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