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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Shopping at the Goodwill

When you walk the Camino, you usually only take one change of clothes.
That means for 6 weeks, you are wearing an outfit, then washing it, then wearing it, then washing it, day after day after day. By the time you reach Santiago, not only do the clothes smell to high heaven, they are often worn out.

So it was I found myself shopping yesterday.

I need a few items for my upcoming walk on the Via de la Plata.
I need a couple of pair of hiking pants.
I need some long underwear.
And I need a new shirt.

I stopped by REI because they were having a huge sale.
But to my horror, the items I needed came to a grand total of over $300!!

So I thought I'd check out Goodwill.
The store in Portland has a huge Active Wear section and I've found some great deals there!  

And guess what?
I scored!

Mine are like these, only blue.
I was hoping to get a set of silk long johns because they're so lightweight.
But when I found a brand spanking new set of Patagonia Capilene long johns, 
I snapped them up!
I checked online and found both the top and bottoms selling for over $55 each.
Total paid for the pair?


Then, I found a really nice pull over shirt in a pretty turquoise color.
Price at REI for the same REI brand shirt was $56.
I paid $2.99!

Lastly, I found a really nice lightweight black microfiber pullover for $6.99.
Price at REI was $59.

Now all I need are my pants and I'm set.
I love shopping Goodwill!
 Not only do I like saving cash,
I love the idea of recycling and not creating more waste
for the landfill.

Goodwill ROCKS!




  1. Wow. They are great bargains. I'm learning for you!

  2. You did great! Think I'll head over there tomorrow (Santee, CA) as I need some hiking stuff as well. Not going on the Camino (wish, wish, wish) but some great mountains and trails hear in SO Cal.


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